Many cladding systems are now of an age and in such a poor condition that a concern of building owners is that the cladding may ordinarily require replacement. Fortunately however the various metal, rubber, glass and metal finish components have different service lives and can be replaced either in isolation or as part of a whole façade refurbishment. The remaining useful service life of a cladding system may then be extended often by up to 20 years or more.

Tee Technical can prepare a schedule of work and specification to suit the particular client requirements which may be to either protect asset value, address disrepair at lease end, to rectify rainwater leakage or simply to repair other specific defects.

The scope of work on recent projects includes the replacement of external rubber gaskets, failed sealants, misted and cracked glazing and the restoration of metal finishes.

Tee Technical has prepared specifications and schedules of works for refurbishment related activities at: Coburg House, London - durability assessment of aged curtain wall and specified scope of works for comprehensive refurbishment.

Aviation House, London – Cladding repairs and restorative clean. 

100 Lower Thames St, London – Cladding repairs, window overhaul and restorative clean.

Great Sutton St, London –Specification of remedial repairs to residential windows and doors.

Harman House, Uxbridge – Inspection of curtain wall and preparation of specification for wholesale gasket replacement and restorative clean.

Tanners Drive, Milton Keynes – Leakage assessment and specification of remedial repairs to aged curtain wall.

Status Park 3 & 4, Hayes – Inspection of curtain wall and preparation of specification for wholesale gasket replacement.