Tee Technical can undertake a wide range of specialist investigations but most tend to be associated with either of the two most common defects namely rainwater ingress and/or glazing failure.


Rainwater ingress is typically a consequence of either poor workmanship in new buildings or durability failure in older buildings. Successful investigation demands a thorough technical knowledge of the system construction and a systematic approach to identifying the migratory pathways, often requiring partial dismantling of the system.

Tee Technical has undertaken rainwater ingress investigations in numerous properties. For example, at Microsoft Reading a rainwater leakage assessment of the curtain wall was undertaken by way of a visual inspection supplemented by the removal of the transom covercaps and targeted water hose testing.

A further example at 174 High Holborn where rainwater ingress was investigated by visual inspection and localised dismantling of the curtain wall system. Given the lack of fixed access provision it was necessary to access the facade utilising a combination of rope access, a cherry-picker and ultimately the erection of a temporary cradle. Thereafter a specification for remedial repairs was prepared.


Glazing failure can be a consequence of a nickel sulphide inclusion, thermal stress from an edge defect, thermal stress from the inappropriate use of glazing film, impact damage or by condensation misting of double glazed units from edge seal failure.

Tee Technical has undertaken glazing failure investigations in numerous properties associated with either film backed glass, impact damaged glass, patination of solar reflective glass or nickel sulphide failure.


Where appropriate specialist investigations are undertaken to include:

  • Intrusive opening-up.
  • Laboratory and insitu testing.
  • Borescope surveys.
  • Moisture surveys.
  • Thermography as a diagnostic tool

Where there is no fixed access provision or where the use of a cherry-picker is not possible Tee Technical can undertake façade inspections by industrial rope access techniques in accordance with IRATA guidelines.