Cladding consultant Tower 42 London
Newcastle building - Investigation and supervision of specific repairs
London building

Tower 42 (formerly the Nat West Tower)

Tee Technical are the retained Cladding Consultant responsible for advising the tower management on all aspects of the various curtain wall, glass and concrete cladding elements. Specifically this involves undertaking an annual detailed close quarters inspection of 20% of the facade area on a five yearly basis, transferring the inspection results to ActivePlan software and reporting on the requirement for any remedial repairs that may be necessary.



Large building in Newcastle

Tee Technical undertook a detailed close quarters inspection of this recently completed large office building where items of unfinished or poorly detailed work to the unitised curtain wall, individual windows, parapet copings and bullnose metal panels were identified.

The findings were presented in a detailed report prepared in anticipation of legal proceedings but also in a manner designed for ease of assimilating the remedial work into specific sub-contract packages. This work also involved localised intrusive investigation and supervision of specific repairs of immediate health and safety concern.


London property manager

Tee Technical have acted as Cladding Consultant responsible for undertaking annual detailed close quarters inspections of 20% of the facade area on a large number of major city and mid-town buildings within the portfolio of a major London property manager. The purpose of these inspections is part of a planned maintenance programme designed to maintain the various cladding elements to a high standard. This inspection work involves a very detailed close quarters inspection of the cladding and reporting the findings in a manner that simplifies the procurement of remedial repairs on a trade by trade basis.